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Replace annual reviews with always up-to-date performance metrics collected automatically and in the background


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Automate your performance reviews with real-time metrics

Answer a Question

Takes less than ten seconds to answer in Slack or Email

See Your Performance

Your team’s inputs turn into personal analytics

Receive Better Feedback

Managers give feedback at exactly the right time

Meet GetSpeedBack

Lose the endless forms and spreadsheets
Use GetSpeedBack to make employee reviews simple

Real-Time Performance

Reviewing employees once-a-year gives them little chance for growth. It can also lead to some awkward conversations. GetSpeedBack solves this with real-time performance analytics.


Save Everyone's Time

GetSpeedBack automates the process of giving and receiving performance feedback. Let it organize the process for you and give you your time back to work on other things.


Make Your Team Happier

With GetSpeedBack, employees understand exactly how well they're doing and what actions they can take to grow more quickly.


What Our Clients Say

Sean Lee

"GetSpeedBack trumps any review software used in the past and provides us with a comprehensive set of data to act upon when looking at improving our levels of efficiency and productivity. GetSpeedBack is a no-brainer for The Digital Intellect."

Sean Lee

Joe Russo

"As a suddenly remote team, we struggled to find the right tools to collaborate more effectively. With GetSpeedBack, we found a perfect solution to track our progress as individuals and find ways to improve as a team."

Joe Russo
CEO at Tech Hub South Florida

Larry Port

"Our employees love to know how they're doing. GetSpeedBack allows us to quickly supply them with feedback, unlike other review systems, it isn't burdensome or time consuming. Our team is very happy with the results they are seeing."

Larry Port
CEO at Rocket Matter

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