Performance Review Tweets

Dec 4, 2020

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We took a cursory glance at Twitter to see what the crowd thinks of year-end performance reviews. The results were not unexpected...

It's clear that people hate performance reviews. They hate doing them and they don't have the time to do them. Some of these tweets are a little more surprising.

It all comes down to previous experience. The current evaluation is a legacy business tool from the time of our grandparents. Our society has changed. We value growth, opportunities, and development over long-term security.

Our approach to work has changed. The methods by which we measure our performance should change as well.

These Twitter users are angry because they have to trudge through the monotony of a system that no longer applies. They're forced to use a process that's cumbersome. No one in their companies has thought to change it or realizes that there are alternatives because performance reviews are such an engrained part of our jobs.

It's time for things to change. Workers should demand better ways of measuring their efforts. Progressive organizations like Adobe have led the charge. Now it's time for small and mid-size businesses to join the movement.

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