Organization Settings

How do I build my organization in GetSpeedBack?

When you first register for GetSpeedBack you’ll be prompted to begin adding employees to your organization chart. If you need to add employees later, navigate to the Organization page.

There, you’ll have two options to add new employees. First, you can click “Add employees” in the top right corner. This will prompt you to fill in some information about the individual - name, email, title, manager name, and permissions.

Alternatively, you can navigate to an individual within the org chart and click the green plus symbol on their card. This will bring up a new screen in which you can add the same employee identifying information.

If you’d like to move an employee under a new manager simply click on their card in the org chart and use the drop down to select a new manager. This will update the organization chart and instruct the system to adjust the review relationships.

Continue adding employees until you’ve filled out your organization! If you ever need to add, edit, or remove employees, you can follow these same steps.

Keep in mind that any changes made will impact the reviews in terms of who reviews and is reviewed by others. The changes will take place in the next review period.

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