Organization Settings

What is the review frequency?

Employees in your organization will receive review requests according to a frequency set by the organization administrator. This means that an employee will get one question sent to them for every person they are meant to review within that time frame.

As an example, if the organization is set for a two week period, this means that an employee will receive a self-review, a review for their manager, reviews for their teammates, and reviews for any direct reports, at random points within that two weeks.

Scheduling the reviews according to a cycle allows the system to send reviews in a more dynamic fashion to make sure the process doesn’t become repetitive. It also enables it to send summary updates to employees and managers so they can see the progress being made.

This seems like a lot but given that the reviews are so short, we encourage organizations to favor starting out with a more frequent review setting and then backing it off if the review engagement rates decline.

Employee metrics are generated based on the reviews so it’s important that the team has enough opportunities for this information to be collected.

The frequency options are weekly, every 10 days, two weeks, three weeks, monthly, or every two months.

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