Reviews and Feedback

What are 360 reviews?

GetSpeedBack uses the 360 Review principle to help businesses improve through more efficient employee development.

Rather than an employee reviewing themselves and then being reviewed by a manager, instead each employee is given the opportunity to review themselves as well as be reviewed by everyone they work with - those above, below, and to the side of them - in the corporate hierarchy.

That sounds intense...

Yes, typically 360 reviews take up a lot of time and effort to coordinate.

What are the problems with 360 reviews?

Normally, you would have to fill out a set of questions pertaining to each person you work with. This leads to potential pitfalls such as recency bias (only reflecting on the latest interactions you've had with that person) and repetitive answers. Also, people aren't generally trained to give quality feedback which prevents the reviewee from learning and developing.

What does GetSpeedBack do differently?

Our platform automates the process and spreads it out throughout the year. Instead of being asked to review a bunch of your teammates, you'll get an email every so often with just one question for one of your colleagues. It should take you anywhere from five to 30 seconds to answer depending on how much information you'd like to provide.

By automating the process and breaking it up into bite-sized pieces, this means we can gather a lot more information for each employee. By combining all of these inputs, we generate a score which the employee uses to track their performance over time.

We believe we've addressed many of the downsides of 360 reviews and as such are able to utilize them for the betterment of the employees on our platform.

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