Reviews and Feedback

How do I complete a review?

You can complete an employee review in one of two ways. The preferred method is through an automatic Slack message. You will receive these from time to time without having to log in to the platform. The second option is directly through the GetSpeedBack platform itself.

Automatic Review

We've built the GetSpeedBack system to have individual review questions automatically sent to your 360 review teammates. This process means that reviews are completed within Slack as part of an employee's workflow - keeping things simple.

When you receive a message like this, all you have to do is pick a numerical selection in response to the prompted question. With that single click, the review is recorded and no additional action is required on your end.

You will be shown a follow up screen that will ask you to add optional comments and also give you the opportunity to anonymize the review. These are not required to complete the review but we encourage you to leave a comment.

On-site Review

If you’re on the site, you can navigate to a teammate’s profile and click "Leave Review".

As with automatic reviews, you'll also be given the opportunity to provide a text comment for context. While optional, we strongly encourage users to use this opportunity to provide more information in an effort to help their fellow teammates. To learn more about writing constructive reviews, visit the Giving constructive feedback question. (LINK TO CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK QUESTION)

Additionally, you're given the option to keep your review anonymous. While all reviews are anonymous to the reviewee, selecting this checkbox will make the review anonymous to other managers or admins within the organization. This gives you the freedom to be open and honest without any fear of additional complexities that could arise based on your relationships.

Finally, click "Submit Review" to finish up! Once you have a few of these under your belt, it should take you mere seconds to complete, taking the hassle out of the employee review process.

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