Scoring and Metrics

What are all these metrics on my dashboard?

Overall Performance Metric

Each employee has a general performance number that fluctuates with time and changes with each review. The idea of this is to provide the individual and their manager with a high-level view of how they're doing. It's meant to be a directional indicator for quick reference. The platform uses this metric to trigger feedback from managers when it determines that an employee is not maintaining a satisfactory level of performance.

Performance Categories

These differentiate based on the employee's role within the organization. We've worked to match relevant categories to their particular work requirements and as such the questions asked of them may differ from others in other functional areas. Each review question is assigned to a specific category. As reviews are completed, these category scores will build up over time and similarly change with an individual's performance. These measurements are used to help trigger feedback or intervention from a manager and show the employee where they need to improve in their work.

Team Performance Metrics

Just as the individual has their performance metrics, so too does the team they're on. Every review completed for an employee on the team also feeds into these overall team stats. This makes it easier for employee-to-employee comparison as well as overall team comparisons. Now you'll have insight into team strengths and weaknesses while also being able to quickly discern if there are outlying members of the team.

Current, High, Low

The current score reflects your overall blended performance score for the time period selected. By default, this is an all-time view. Similarly, the high and low scores are the highest and lowest overall performance scores you’ve had during the selected period.

As an example, you may have an overall score of 50 out of 100 for the last year. During that time your score fluctuated giving you a high of 75 and a low of 25.

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